ShapeShift Ethereum Splitter

Use this tool to safely separate or "clean" your Ethereum balances and avoid replay attacks and lost coins.
Step 1 Input your ETH and ETC address (they must be different). Click Start.
Step 2 Send any ETH or ETC to the provided address.
Step 3 ShapeShift will safely split the coins and send clean ETH and clean ETC to your provided addresses. There is a fee of 0.25% (quarter percent), as well as a 0.02 ETH gas cost.
See instructions on how to use this tool  HERE
Note: minimum is 0.5 ETH/ETC
Enter your Ethereum(ETH) Address
Enter your Ethereum Classic(ETC) Address

IMPORTANT: Make sure you input only “clean” addresses above. A clean address is an address created post-fork, which has only Ethereum coins or Ethereum Classic coins, but not both. The easiest way to get a clean address for both assets is to download the  Mist wallet  version 0.8.1, and install/run the application under two separate user accounts on your Mac or Windows machine. For one user, answer “Yes” to the startup question regarding the DAO fork. And for the other user, answer no. You will then have two different Mist wallets, one running on Ethereum, and one running on Ethereum Classic. Make new addresses in each to input into the fields above.

Never send ETH to an ETC address and vice versa, or the funds will become contaminated again, and you need to re-clean them.

I have double-checked my ETH and ETC addresses above, and I know ShapeShift is not liable for any incorrect addresses I provide.